GL5512 mPCIe LoRa concentrator module for 433~510MHz band
LoRa Module

GL5512 mPCIe LoRa concentrator module for 433~510MHz band

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GL5512 is a LoRaWAN concentrator card in mPCIe form factor based on Semtech’s SX1301 chipset and 2*SX1255 RF front-end. This mPCIe smart concentrator module can be used in any embedded platform offering a free mPCIe slot with USB/SPI connectivity and capable of providing enough power for the module, enable low-power wide-area communication capabilities to your new gateway design or existing industrial routers/computers. Typically support Linux and widows etc systems.


  • Multichannel: Eight(8) programmable Lora parallel demodulation channels.
  • SPI Interface: The SPI interface gives access to the configuration register of SX1301 via a synchronous full-duplex protocol.
  • USB2.0 Interface: Build in FT232H chip convert SPI interface of SX1301 to USB2.0 .allow easy integration into various control boards.
  • Compact mini PCI express form factor TYP. 50.8*30.3*4.7mm (W*L*H)
  • Environmentally-friendly RoHS compliant

Function block diagram

LoRa gateway card




  • Internet of Things
  • Automated meter reading
  • Security Sensor network
  • Location Monitoring
  • Industrial Monitoring and control
  • Machine to Machine(M2M)

Ordering information

Part list: LoRaWAN concentrator card*1
Host interface: SPI or USB(Opt.)

Model No. Description
GL5512-WX 433MH,IPEX antenna connector,Suitable for China &Europe
GL5512-CX 470~510MHz,IPEXantenna connector,Suitable for China
GL5512-WA 433MH,SMA antenna connector,Suitable for China &Europe
GL5512-CA 470~510MHz,SMA antenna connector,Suitable for China
Technical Specification
Module Name GL5512
Product Description LoRa Concentrator
Package Mini-PCIe
Host Interface USB or SPI
Dimensions TYP.50.8*30.3*4.7mm(W*L*H)
Electric Specification
Frequency 433MHz, 470~510MHz(, Opt.)
Band Width -400-400KHz
Tx Power +27dBm typ+30dBm(Opt.)
Receive Sensitivity Down to -142.5dBm
Operation Conditions
Supply Voltage +3.3V
Power consumption Tx (max)<700mA, Rx<200mA
Operating Temp -40~+85°C(Industrial Grade)
Humidity Operating:10%~90%, no condensing
WAN Protocol ISM Band-LoRa®
ESD JEDEC.JS-001,Standard ±1kV,Class 2