LoRaWAN Asset tracker for fleet management
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LoRaWAN Asset tracker for fleet management

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ED890 is a LoRa based GPS asset tracker for fleet management. Build-in 54Ah large capacity rechargeable lithium polymer battery, battery life as long as 4 months @ 5 minutes data transmit interval. Can be widely used in Outdoor large asset positioning such as yachts on the lake, transport vehicles.


  • Communication via LoRa, no SIM card required
  • Long battery life,  4 months @ 5 minutes data transmit interval
  • IP66 waterproof enclosure
  • GPS+BD/GLONASS dual-mode positioning

      Parameters Specification
      Modem ISM Band LoRa®, Class A
      Frequency 433MHz,470Mhz
      Tx Power +14dBm , Max +18dBm
      Communication range 3~8KM
      Positioning Build-in GNSS, Positioning accuracy:5~20Meters.
      Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
      Battery capacity Polymer battery,54Ah 
      Power supply 4.2V
      Operation time 4 months@ 5 mins data transmit interval
      Enclosure IP66
      Operation temperature -10~50℃
      Operation humidity 10%~90%,Non-condensing
      Dimensions TYP.175*175*60mm  (W*L*H)
      Weight 2kg