TiSYS Wireless Baby Pager for the hearing impaired
Hearing aid system

TiSYS Wireless Baby Pager for the hearing impaired

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The TiSYS baby cry pager is specifically MADE for the deaf/hard of hearing. The visual receiver and portable receiver can be triggered once the baby crying is detected. 
During the day, the portable receiver on your belt or visual receiver nearby allows you to move around the house and still be alerted when your baby cries.
At night, the portable receiver is placed under your pillow, which ensures you will be alerted, even when sleeping!

Wirless baby pager


  • Pairs with the visual receiver and portable receiver via the networking button.
  • The visual receiver and portable receiver can be triggered once the baby crying is detected;
  • Anti-interference, eliminate non-children voice, reduce false triggers.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, standby up to 1week.
  • Features a wireless range of up to 200 meters line-of-sight

    System Architecture

    TiSYS smart hearing assistance system includes:
    • Transmitter: fixed doorbell, portable doorbell, SOS pager, baby pager, and smoke alarm.
    • Receiver: Visual receiver, alarm clock&portable receiver.

    Make sure that the transmitter and receiver are paired before using it.

    hearing aid system


    Smart Hearing Assistance System
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    Receiver Visual Receiver
         Alarm clock&Portable Receiver
    Transmitter Fixed DoorBell
         Portable Doorbell / /
         SOS Pager
         Baby Pager / / /
         Smoke Alarm /
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    The baby cry pager needs to use together with the portable receiver or visual receiver. can't use alone.

    Parameters Specification
    Frequency 433Mhz
    Communication range 200 meters Line-of-sight
    Supply voltage DC 5.0V
    Rated current 650mAh±100mA
    Power consumption Static power consumption<0.1W , dynamic power consumption<1W
    Battery capacity 1000mAh, standby more than 1 week.
    Operation temperature 0~40℃
    Storage temperature -10~50℃
    Operation humidity ≦85%RH