TiSYS Wireless smoke alarm for the hearing impaired
Hearing aid system

TiSYS Wireless smoke alarm for the hearing impaired

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One in seven people may not be woken up by a conventional smoke alarm system due to a hearing disability. Once paired with the portable receiver and visual receiver, TiSYS wireless smoke alarm is able to alert the deaf person if there is a fire alarm.

Smoke alarm


  • Pair with the visual receiver and portable receiver via the networking button.
  • Once a fire alarm is detected, the corresponding visual receiver and portable receiver will be triggered at the same time. Protect people from fire and reduce financial loss. 
  • Features a wireless range of up to 200 meters line-of-sight
  • Long battery life,standby up to 2 years.

      System Architecture

      TiSYS smart hearing assistance system includes:
      • Transmitter: fixed doorbell, portable doorbell, SOS pager, baby pager, and smoke alarm.
      • Receiver: Visual receiver, alarm clock&portable receiver.

      Make sure that the transmitter and receiver are paired before using it.

      hearing aid system


      Smart Hearing Assistance System
      Item Package A Package B Package C Package D Package E
      Receiver Visual Receiver
           Alarm clock&Portable Receiver
      Transmitter Fixed DoorBell
           Portable Doorbell / /
           SOS Pager
           Baby Pager / / /
           Smoke Alarm /
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      The smoke alarm needs to use together with the portable receiver or visual receiver. can't use alone.

      Parameters Specification
      Frequency 433Mhz
      Communication range 200 meters Line-of-sight
      Supply voltage 3.7 V
      Power consumption Static power consumption<0.01W , dynamic power consumption<2W
      Battery capacity 1350mAh, standby more than 2 Years.
      Operation temperature 0~40℃
      Storage temperature -10~50℃
      Operation humidity ≦85%RH