LoRaWAN indoor gateway

LoRaWAN indoor gateway

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RHF2S025 is an IOT gateway based on LoRaWAN and targets to LPWAN network. The GW could support LoRaWAN Class A/C protocol and WiFi IEEE 802.11.b/g/n standard. The 2.4G wireless transmission rate up to 150Mbps. Users could connect the GW to the Cloud server via WiFi.
This device integrated a high-performance CPU MT7688, one pcs of base-band processor SX1308, that it could support 8 multi-SF channels (SF12 to SF7), 1 single-SF channel, and 1 GFSK channel. Output power could achieve to 25dBm max. Sensitivity is as low as -142dBm@300bps. With specified payload length and transmit period, one GW could support 10k nodes
RHF2S025 is a smart, easy installation and high-reliability device. Customers could set up a quick LoRaWAN network for their LPWAN application with RHF2S025.


    • High Sensitivity, receiver sensitivity up to -141dBm@300bps.
    • Supports LoRaWAN Class A/C
    • LoRaWAN uplink: 8 normal multi-SF channels (SF7 to SF12, 125kHz)
    • Configurable via WIFI/LAN
    • Half duplex mode and full duplex mode alternative
    • 25dBm Max output Power
    • One single antenna to support full duplex LoRaWAN communication.

    Ordering information

    • 1*RHF2S025 Gateway
    • 1*Industrial PoE Power adapter
    • 1*LoRaWAN fiberglass antenna
    • 1*GPS fiberglass antenna
    • 1*WIFI fiberglass antenna
    • 1* Mounting bracket

      −CPU: MT7688 − 10/100M Ethernet Or 4G Modem backhaul
      − RAM: 1 GB − LoRaWAN frequency : 
      − FLASH: 256MB − 2.4-2.4835
      − Basic Frequency: 580Mhz − Compatible with PoE IEEE 802.3 Af/At
      POWER: − LoRa™ Sensitivity -140dBm@300bps, up to 16 LoRa™ demodulators
      − DC 12V input − More than 5~6km in LoS and 1~3km in dense urban environment
      − Internal LiFePO4 Battery (optional) − Synchronization with GPS PPS signal, quick configuration, and maintenance through WIFI.
      − Average Power: <5W − Antenna lightning protection, LoRa Antenna Gain: 2dBi
      − RJ45, USB2.0, WIFI/LoRa/4G antenna connector, SIM card slot − Dimensions: 155х 138.5 х 33.5mm
      − Weight: 500g
      MOUNTING OPTIONS: − Operating temperature: -20 oC/ +65 oC
      − On the desktop or fixed on the wall − Storage temperature: -40 oC/ +85 oC