IoT based livestock tracker
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IoT based livestock tracker

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GA5067 is a LoRa-based (LTE cat1, LTEM optional) GPS tracking device for livestock tracking with a Li-SOCl2 battery.The collar is programmed wirelessly by the network server. You can control how often GPS location data are collected, and can also remotely command program changes to the fixed-rate and mortality schedule, fixed duration time, and GPS location data transmission interval.


    • LoRaWAN compliant, LTE Cat1 and LTE M Optional
    • Long battery life, each tracker is equipped with a replaceable 19000mah battery, with a battery life of as long as 3 years @ 1 location per hour, A notification is sent when the battery power falls below 10% tracker.
    • Theft Alarm, Set a customized safe zone and get notifications on your platform when the cattle enter or leave the zone. 
    • Real-time monitoring of the environment, built-in temperature, and humidity sensors support real-time monitoring of the environment.
    • IP67 Water-Proof design, Weight just 290g, Special Collars to hold the tracker for the sheep, deer, cows, horses, and other animals.

    Ordering information

    • 1* GPS Tracker
    • 1* Collar


    The IoT-based livestock tracking system is capable of tracking and detecting anomalies in livestock behavior, and environment temperature and humidity at any time. Ranchers are able to locate their livestock to better manage the herd, reduce livestock theft, and improve livestock welfare.

      Parameters Specification
      Frequency Band CN470MHz/AS923MHz,EU868Mhz,US915MHz Optional
      Battery Specs 19000mah Li − SOCl2 battery, replaceable
      Temperature -40~75℃
      Electronics Box Dimensions 110.5 х 48.2 х 54.5 mm (Weight 290g)
      Communication range Up to 10km(line-of-site)2~5KM(in dense urban)
      Transmit Power +20dBm
      Modulation LoRa, LTE Cat1, and LTEM optional
      LED indicator Configurable
      Protection Requirements IP67
      Collar size 5 cm  wide Neoprene Belting
      Flash More than 512KB
      GPS  positioning solution L1C, L1A
      GPS accuracy 10 meters CEP