SX1302 LoRa Gateway module
LoRa Module

SX1302 LoRa Gateway module

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This LoRa gateway module with an industrial standard mini PCI expresses form factor is based on the SX1302 chipset. This mPCIe module can be used in any embedded platform offering a free mPCIe slot with SPI connectivity and capable of providing enough power for the module, enabling low-power wide-area communication capabilities to your new gateway design or existing industrial routers/computer.

Complete and cost-efficient LoRa gateway solution offering up to eight(8) programmable Lora parallel demodulation channels. Allowing it to receive up to eight LoRa® modulated packets simultaneously. It targets Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications, covering up to 500 nodes per square kilometer in an environment with moderate interference.   


  • Compliance with LoRaWAN 1.0.2
  • Multichannel: Eight (8) programmable Lora parallel demodulation channels.
  • mPCIe form factor based on SPI host interface
  • Compact mini PCI express form factor TYP. 50.95*30.0*10.5mm (W*L*H)
  • The voltage of Mini PCI-e is 3.3V, compatible with 3G/LTE mPCIe card
  • TX Power up to 27dBm, Rx sensitivity down to -139dBm@SF12,BW 125kHz.


Parameters Description
Modulation type ISM Band LoRa®
LoRa chipset SX1302
Multi-channel Eight (8) uplink, one (1) downlink
Package Mini PCI express 
Host interface SPI
Frequency 863~870MHZ, 902~928MHZ(Opt.), CN470MHz
Receiving sensitivity -139dBm
Tx power +27dBm
Supply voltage +3.3V
Power consumption Tx (Max)<415mA,Rx <40mA, standby 7.5mA
Operating temperature -40~+85℃ (industrial grade)
Operating humidity 10%~90%, no-condensing
Dimensions TYP. 50.95*30*10.5mm (W*L*H)
ESD (Human Body Model)   JEDEC JS-001 Standard ±1kV, Class 2 

SX1302 pin out

No. Mini PCIEx Pin Rev 2.0 Type Description
1 NC N/A No Connection.Reserved for SX1261_BUSY
2 +3.3V Power input 3.3V DC supply.
3 NC N/A No connection.Reserved for SX1261_DIO1
4 GND GND Ground
5 NC N/A No connection.Reserved for SX1261_DIO2
6 1.5V I/O Connect to SX1302’s GPIO[6]
7 NC N/A No connection.Reserved for SX1261_NSS
8 NC N/A No connection
9 GND GND Ground
10 NC N/A No connection
11 NC N/A No connection.Reserved for SX1261_NRESET
12 NC N/A No connection
13 MCU_NRESET DI No connection.Reserved for future applications
14 NC N/A No connection
15 GND GND Ground
16 NC N/A No connection.Reserved for POWER_EN
17 NC N/A No connection
18 GND GND Ground
19 1PPS DO GPS time pulse input, Leave open if 
20 NC N/A No connection
21 GND GND Ground
22 SX1302-Reset DI Active high>=100ns for SX1302 Reset input
23 NC N/A No connection
24 +3.3V PI 3.3V DC supply
25 NC N/A No connection
26 GND GND Ground
27 GND GND Ground
28 NC N/A No connection
29 GND GND Ground
30 NC N/A No connection.Reserved for SMB_CLK 
31 NC        N/A No connection
32 NC N/A No connection.Reserved for SMB_DATA
33 NC N/A No connection
34 GND GND Ground
35 GND GND Ground
36 NC N/A No connection.Reserved for USB_DM
37 GND GND Ground
38 NC N/A No connection.Reserved for USB_DP
39 +3.3V PI 3.3DC supply
40 GND GND Ground
41 +3.3V PI 3.3V DC supply
42 NC N/A No connection
43 GND GND Ground
44 NC N/A No connection
46 NC N/A No Connection
48 NC N/A Not connected
50 GND N/A Ground
52 +3.3V PI 3.3V DC supply