LoRaWAN Outdoor IoT gateway

LoRaWAN Outdoor IoT gateway

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MG9310 is a ruggedized LoRaWAN gateway, specifically designed for outdoor public or private network deployments. This high-performance IP65 gateway is capable of resisting the harshest environmental factors including moisture, dust, wind, rain, snow, and extreme heat, supporting LoRaWANTM applications in virtually any environment. Integrated with SX1301 LoRa Concentrator, with 8 multi-SF LoRa Channels and 1 FSK channel, support thousands of LoRaWAN end devices. provides durable, low-power, wide-area connectivity in support of M2M and IoT applications for both LoRa service providers and individual enterprises wanting to expand their LoRa network coverage.

Design for easy deployment, the gateway includes an IP65 enclosure, GPS antenna to location coordinate information, LoRa antenna to improve outdoor range and provide various communication interface include 3G/4G-LTE and Ethernet to up-link data. can be deployed as part of an existing telecommunications tower, individual stand, or wall mount. 


    • LoRaWAN™ network compliant
    • Channels: Up to 16 concurrent channels
    • Communication Range:Over 15KM radius
    • GNSS for location coordinate information
    • Rich backhaul options:Support Ethernet/3G/4G LTE backhaul
    • Support thousands to millions of devices depending on the data model  
    • Compact size210*190*60 mm
    • Simple to mount and install
    • Ruggedized housing, IP65 Waterproof for outdoor

    Ordering information

    • 1*MG9310 LoRaWAN Gateway
    • 1*LoRa Antenna
    • 1*2.4G WIFI Antenna
    • 1*4G Antenna(Optional)
    • 1*POE Power Code

    Mechanical Diagram

    LoRaWAN IoT gateway
      −CPU: 560MHz, AR9344 − Ethernet  100 Base *2
      − RAM: DDR2, 128Mb − UART for Debug terminal
      − FLASH: SPI Flash 16M − LED indication
      − CPU Temperature sensor − Secured VPN, no need for external IP-address
      − Hardware watchdog − LoRaWAN™ compliant (433~510MHz or 863~928MHz, Opt)
      POWER: − LoRa™ Sensitivity -142.5dBm, 8 LoRa™ demodulators
      − PoE IEEE 802.3af Class A, 24V − More than 15km in LoS and 3km in a dense urban environment
      − Mains Supply 240V /110V − External GPS, WIFI and 4G LTE antennas
      − Average. power consumption: 5W − Antenna lightning protection
      − Ingress protection IP65 − Dimensions: 210 х 193 х 64 mm
      − UV and Impact resistance − Operating temperature: -40 oC/ +80 oC
      MOUNTING OPTIONS: − Storage temperature: -40 oC/ +125 oC
      − Strand mount/box/wall mount − Weight: :2.05KG