LoRaWAN Smart Rumen Bolus for Sheep
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LoRaWAN Smart Rumen Bolus for Sheep

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LoRaWAN compliant rumen bolus designed to capture sheep activity, rumen temperature and movement. The material of the bolus is eco-friendly and causes no harm to the sheep. Once inserted into a sheep by a standard bolus gun, the bolus will remain in the rumen, All data is transmitted automatically first to the LoRa Base Station and then to a cloud-based platform, which allows farmers, vets, and scientists to process the information and deal with unexpected issues anytime, anywhere.
The earlier you detect health problems, the earlier you can react and reduce severe courses of diseases on your farm. Allow farmers to maximize the efficiency of farms.


  • LoRaWAN™ Compliant
  • Low energy consumption results in long battery life of up to 2~3 years.
  • Effective communication range up to 500meters
  • Real-time monitoring of rumen temperature, movement, and activity
  • No external effect IP68 enclosure
  • Compact size: 51*20.5mm
  • Install by standard bolus gun

System Benefits

Accurate Estrus/Lambing Detection
The smart rumen bolus provides essential information regarding reproduction such as estrus/lambing based on temperature data which is not influenced by the external environment. Detecting heats and calving promptly, which is challenging via visual observations. Improves the profitability of your farm by reducing losses and increasing calving.

Accurate Health Monitoring
On-going activity data and real-time rumen temperature monitoring feed into animal health monitoring. Even when you are not on the farm, you can check the sheep’s activity and health status by using the Digit Farm System. This enables timely and targeted medication treatments, reduces the cost caused by diseases, and increases productivity as well as animal welfare.

Digit Farm Platform

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