LoRaWAN GPS smart watch
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LoRaWAN GPS smart watch

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LW20B is a LoRaWAN-based smartwatch equipped with  GPS for outdoor positioning and BLE 5.0 for indoor location. it can realize a real-time collection of health data such as heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and steps. The data will be automatically transmitted to the platform through the LoRaWAN Network.


  • Connectivity via LoRa:  communication range up to 1.5KM line-of-sight, 500~1000M in dense urban, compatible with any LoRaWANTM
  • Indoor &outdoor real-time tracking
  • Heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and Pedometer: The measurements are made at a configured frequency and automatically sent to the LoRaWANTM network. 
  • SOS in emergency
  • Long Battery Life:  Battery life as long as 7 days @ 15mins uplink duty cycle.
  • OTAA, Class A by default.



  • Smart safety solution for people working in industrial companies. Such as large oil and gas companies, mining, smart cities, and utilities.
  • Smart senior care/nursing homes /Hospitals.

LoRaWAN GPS watch for nursing home and workers 
Parameters Specification
Modem ISM Band LoRa®, Class A 
Frequency AS923MHz, US915Mhz, EU868Mhz,CN470MHz
Tx Power Max +20dBm
Communication range 500~1000M in dense urban,1.5KM Los
Positioning Build-in GNSS, Bluetooth, and accelerometer Positioning accuracy:5~20Meters.( Indoor positioning accuracy depends on the iBeacon density)
Operating mode 1、The wristband uplink positioning data, health and power info according to the uplink cycle
2、Automatically send an uplink message when power on the device, the platform will send a downlink message.  
3、The default downlink interval≧15s  
4、Trigger SOS will not change the positioning logic
5、The positioning /Health data reporting interval can be configured.
6、The watch automatically detects the heart rate  when wearing the wristband and it’s on the heart rate or detection page, It will display the latest detection information after the detection is completed
Bluetooth Low power consumption Bluetooth5.0 for indoor positioning
Display 240*204 TFT Display
Strap Replaceable standard 22mm strap by default, RFID strap optional
Buttons Two function buttons
Battery capacity Li-ion battery,450mAh, 3.8V
Charging Magnetic charging cable
Battery life 7 days@ 15 mins reporting cycle, 12 hours @3 mins reporting cycle, standby: more than 10 hours
Enclosure IP65
Electronic tags Support RFID or NFC (not equipped by default)
Health data Heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, steps
SOS Support
Alarm SOS alarm
Operation temperature -10~60℃
Operation humidity 10%~85%, Non-condensing
Dimensions TYP. 48*52*14.5mm (W*L*H)
Weight 40g


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