LoRaWAN GPS Tracker for outdoor adventure/asset tracking
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LoRaWAN GPS Tracker for outdoor adventure/asset tracking

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GF8945 is a low power consumption LoRa based GPS tracking device equipped with a rechargeable battery for asset tracking. Support LoRaWAN protocol or private protocol. Build in BLE chip allow GF8945 pairs with your smartphone, text and share GPS location among other GF8945 users through LoRa network.


    • Communicate Via LoRa, no SIM card required
    Create a reliable backup communication network for use when cell service is down. communication range 6~15KM line-of-sight.1~5KM in a dense environment.
    • SOS, Geo-fencing
    With a simple press of the SOS button on the device, you can send an SOS signal in the case of an emergency.Support Geo-fence.
    • Build in BLE, Support Message and off-line Map
    Build in BLE chip allow Compass pairs with your smartphone( IOS and Android Compatible), transmit a message and GPS location from device to device through Lora network.
    • Long Battery life
    The device transmits a message at a configured frequency when activated, standby time up to 48hours. A notification is sent when the battery power falls below 20 %.
    • Easy to install on any object



    Ordering information

    • 1*GF8945 GPS Tracker
    • 1*USB Cable 
    Protocol Description
    LoRaWAN LoRaWAN compliant
    Private Protocol Support Point to Point communication, at least order 2pcs



    • Outdoor Adventure: Stay connected in remote areas when cell service is down, share GPS locations and send SOS if you get into trouble.
    • Locate and track children, elderly and disabled people, prevent them from missing, send SOS in an emergency.
    • Group management: GF8945allows you to keep track of all members of your group within the field in real-time
    • Asset tracking: GF8945 can be used to track pets, vehicle, fleet, parcels or bags.
    LoRaWAN GPS Tracker
      Parameters Specification
      Frequency Band 868~928MHz/470~510MHz, optional
      Battery Specs Recharge Li-ion battery,1300mAh
      Temperature -20~65℃
      Dimensions 100*33*20mm (Weight 80g)
      Modulation LoRa Modulation Patented by Semtech
      Transmit Power +27dBm
      Bluetooth BT 4.0
      GPS  positioning solution REALTEK MG1009R,Sensitive down to -148dB
      GPS accuracy 5~10Meters
      Communication range 1~5KM in a dense environment, 6~15KM LoS
      Install Easy to install to any objects
      Data upload rate Customized