LoRaWAN GPS Smart Badges
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LoRaWAN GPS Smart Badges

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ED308 is an intelligent GPS tracker based on LORAWAN network transmission. It supports GPS and BD dual-mode outdoor positioning and Bluetooth 4.0 indoor positioning. The positioning accuracy is 10 meters outdoor and 3~5 meters indoor. Through the intelligent tracker, beacons, LoRaWAN gateway, and platform, it can realize the real-time positioning of staff and visitors. Help enterprises and institutions achieve personnel management and safe production.


  • Staff real-time positioning
  • Smart attendance
  • Voice broadcast
  • SOS in emergency
  • Intelligent warning of dangerous areas
  • Geofence: Automatic alarm when the setting range is exceeded
  • External personnel management



Parameter Spec
Communication Build-in LoRa module,Frequency: CN470MHz
Bluetooth Building in Bluetooth
Positioning Outdoor GPS positioning and indoor Bluetooth positioning
Positioning accuracy 10 meters (outdoor) 3-5 meters (indoor)
Gyro Build-in gyro, Supports power-saving mode in the non-motion state
Battery Rechargeable 1000mah lithium battery
Charging port Micro USB 
Speaker 1511 waterproof speaker, support voice broadcast and order delivery
Buttons 1-SOS button  2-Power button  3-Function button  4-Reset button
Battery life More than 10hours(GNSS positioning interval 30s)
Dimensions 106.8*71*10.8mm
Waterproof IP66
NFC Support 
Time sync Time synchronization with GPS
LED indicator Three colors LED indicator
Location storage support
Operation temperature -20℃~40℃
Uplink frequency customized
Positioning time Cold start 38S     hot start  1S     Recapture  <1S
Charging voltage 5V